I am going to find a cheap web hosting. Do you know whether Hostgator is better than bluehost?


Why Hostgator is Better than Other Cheap Hosting
Free trial – No other top hosts lets you try their plans before you buy. Hostgator is an exception. Yo can use this Hostgator coupon below to get a free first month on shared or even reseller hosting which costs $24.95.


The above Hosgator coupon code will take off $9.94 from Gator Baby plan, reduce $14.94 from Gator Business plan and discount $24.95 off the Aluminum Reseller Hosting plan. Thus you will be paying nothing only $0.01 for the first month.

Hostgator Has Upgrade Possibilities

Unlike many cheap hosts that offer one hosting plan, Hostgator has many different hosting plans for each hosting categories.
Under shared hosting they have:

Hatchling plan – cheapest if you only need to host one domain
Baby Gator – the most popular and can host unlimited domains
Business plan – targeted for businesses needing VOIP etc.
Under reseller hosting there are Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond plans where each has different bandwidth and disk space. Users can start from the basic reseller plan at $24.95 (first month free with coupon code above) and upgrade later once their business expands.

VPS and dedicated hosting also come with their own sub plans.

Bluehost is Famous with “Account Suspension”

Some web hosts like Hostmonster and Bluehost will quickly suspend your account or give “Connection Problems Sorry, [your application] was unable to connect to [the database]. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.” error whenever a website of yours have a spike in visitors or database connection. With Hostgator, we received a courteous email asking us to check the related application or script and to act accordingly. They will remove access to the related script but they did not suspend the whole domain. This means that if a scripts is giving problem, the other parts of the site will not be affected.

Hostgator has more reasonable inodes restrictions

Have your heard scary stories about users having their account suspended for no reason (atleast most users are not technically proficiend to understand the reasons)? Most other cheap host like Bluehost and Hostmonster will suspend your account if you have inodes above 50,000. Hostgator will not suspend your account but instead will only exclude your account from their daily backup. Number of inodes does only effect the time it takes to move, copy or backup your files so bravo to Hostgator for solving just the problem instead of punishing users who may not even aware of their number of inodes.